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How 1Wh electricity is made and delivered to your home

Aug 29,2023 | Anfuote

What is 1Kw electricity ?

One kilowatt-hour is the amount of electricity consumed by a 1000W appliance in one hour.


Sources of electrical energy


In hydroelectric power generation, 630 cubic meters of water are needed to produce one kilowatt-hour of electric.


In wind power generation, a 2MW wind turbine can only produce one kilowatt-hour of electricity by turning half a revolution at its rated speed.

When generating electricity from photovoltaics, a 200-watt photovoltaic panel is exposed to the sun for the equivalent of four hours to achieve one unit of electricity.


Thermal power generation consumes 310 grams of coal, 4 liters of water, 59 grams of natural gas, 190 grams of diesel with 160 grams of carbon dioxide, 272 grams of carbon dust, 6.2 grams of sulfur dioxide, 15 grams of nitrogen oxides in order to achieve one unit of electricity.

While the cheapest form of power generation is through the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil, it is also the most harmful to the environment. The burning of these fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which has been linked to serious environmental complications, including global warming, climate change, air pollution, natural disasters, habitat destruction and chronic health problems.

We choose green energy

Globally, about 60% of carbon emissions for power generation, in order to solve the ensuing, increasingly serious energy depletion and environmental pollution problems, to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, to promote the human development of solar energy, wind energy and other renewable energy generation methods, but solar energy, wind energy has unstable, discontinuous problem which requires the development of energy storage technology to solve the problem of storing excess solar energy, wind power in the need to be released when the storage of energy, energy storage is an indispensable companion of our good.

One degree of electricity is not easy to come by, through the trials and tribulations, so carry the responsibility and go all out. One degree of electricity can light up a 25-watt lamp for 40 hours, you can make the phone fully charged more than 100 times, you can wash 50 kilograms of clothes, you can make the vacuum cleaner to 100 flat room cleaning 5 times, you can irrigate 0.14 acres of wheat, you can produce more than 100 medical masks. One degree of electricity is deeply integrated into people's lives and can bring them much convenience, comfort and efficiency. Each saving of one degree of electricity is equivalent to saving 0.4 kilograms of standard coal.

Reducing the burning of coal and reducing emissions will be good for the earth and low carbon. Please cherish every single degree of electricity, cherish the generosity of nature, cherish every beam of light in your life, and use clean energy to change the way of life of human beings.